ColoradoFTP is the open source FTP server distributed under the LGPL license. As a Java developer you may shape this server any way you want – replace any parts or add new features easily. The goal of this project was to create an FTP server featuring the possibility to include tasks specific to particular business. Fast and stable FTP server to handle the work you need. Built with the Spring Framework it utilizes all the benefits of transparent application wiring giving you the true freedom to shape the server as you wish. You may extend basic implementations to provide the functionality you require. More than that, there are also plug-ins which you may apply to enhance your FTP server.

How to run the server?

  1. Download a binazy ZIP and extract it.
  2. Go into the extracted folder and run start.bat if you are on Windows or start.sh if you are on Linux/Unix.
  3. Point your FTP client to host and port 21.

There is no GUI available and to kill the server use Ctrl+C

For Developers

If you good with Java or want to dive into some technical stuff then go to Developer's Corner which also includes

List of plug-ins
Code samples
Testing the server
Building from source
Runnung the server as embedded and in-memory


Dmitri Toubelis Assisted in the development of the Gateway plug-in and supplied code samples.

Sakke Wiik Tested the project on very early stages which resulted in many valuable project updates.

Shane Duan and Tao Wen Assisted in the development of the COTTA File System plug-in.

Sergei Abramov Project lead.