Demo FTP Server

This FTP server has several accounts to demonstrate as much of the available features as possible. Demo resets itself 2 times a day at 12AM and 12PM GMT. Total data transfer speed restricted to 10 KB/sec. I recommend to use your favourite FTP client rather than clicking on URLs provided here. By using these URLs you will not be able to see the commands you send and the responses you get. Also you may only upload filenames containing English symbols and numbers.

FTP server location


Port 8021

Configuration files

beans.xml filesystem.xml xml-users.xml

Regular account details

Username ftpuser

Password ftpuser123


Test all basic features of the FTP server using this account. It does not have any restrictions. Create, delete and rename files or directories, upload and download files, stop and resume files transfers.

Anonymous account details

Username anonymous



Anonymous user may only view, upload and download files - all other operations are disabled. This user may not overwrite existing files.

Ember account details

Username ember

Password EmbEr


This user demonstrates the flexibility of the Hard File System plug-in. Directories surrounded with ~ are virtual folders located outside of the user home. All the directories have names explaining what you can and what you cannot do once you enter them. You will not be able to delete or rename any of those directories. Also the root directory does not allow you to change anything in it.

Procam account details

Username procam

Password procam456


This user demonstrates the features of the Web Cam plug-in. Upload a picture (GIF or JPG no more than 100 KB) and it will be posted to HTTP server bypassing the hard drive. Your picture will appear on this page: