What is ColoradoFTP?

ColoradoFTP is the open source Java FTP server. It is fast, reliable and extendable. Fully compatible with RFC 959 and RFC 3659 (File Transfer Protocol and Extensions) this implementation makes it easy to extend the functionality with virtually any feature. Well commented source code and existing plug-ins make it possible to shape the FTP server just the way you want! Run it on any platform featuring the latest Java VM – Windows, Linux, Unix etc.

Source Code

ColoradoFTP is the open source Java project available in
Bitbucket GIT repository

Develop with me

ColoradoFTP is the open source Java project distributed under the LGPL license. It is capable to handle any sort of work. I developed the original set of interfaces and base implementations just enough to make it run and provide basic FTP services. I am looking into Java community to extend my work with additional features by writing plug-ins others may apply to their builds. As a developer I may write a generic plug-in to fulfil your requirements, publish your plug-ins on the project web site, re-factor and maintain your implementations, adjust the core if your idea cannot fit into existing architecture. Develop with me!

This project is developed and maintained by its author Sergei Abramov. You are welcome to share your implementations, ideas and suggestions. Please send everything to cftp @ coldcore.com